Jimmy’s Conservative Record

“Out of all the lawyers and judges in the entire State of Texas, Jimmy Blacklock is my first choice for the Texas Supreme Court. It is essential that we replace Justice Don Willett with a talented, principled judge who can take Justice Willett’s place as a strong conservative voice on the Court. Jimmy has dedicated his career to defending the Constitution and upholding the Rule of Law. He is a genuine judicial conservative who understands the limited role courts play under our Constitution. He is a principled man and a supremely talented lawyer. Texans can rest assured Jimmy Blacklock will never waver in his commitment to the Constitution. I enthusiastically endorse Jimmy’s candidacy for the Texas Supreme Court.” — Governor Greg Abbott


Jimmy Blacklock has dedicated his career to fighting in court for the Constitution and the Rule of Law. While many candidates claim to be reliable judicial conservatives, Jimmy has a record to prove it. As a lawyer representing the State of Texas under the leadership of Attorney General and Governor Abbott, Jimmy has advocated on behalf of the People of Texas for the right to life, the Second Amendment, religious liberty, marriage, limits on federal power, and the integrity of our elections. As a Justice on the Supreme Court, he will apply the text of the law and the original meaning of the Constitution. He will work hard to apply the law fairly and accurately to every case, and he will never legislate from the bench.


Before tapping Jimmy for the Texas Supreme Court, Governor Abbott tasked him with representing the People of Texas in some of the most important lawsuits facing our State. If the stakes in court were high for Texas, chances are Jimmy was there.  The experience he gained litigating high-profile cases prepared him to handle the important work of the Texas Supreme Court. Though not previously a judge, Jimmy has extensive experience serving in a judicial capacity. Attorney General Abbott trusted him to oversee the drafting of Attorney General Opinions for several years. Jimmy’s experience applying the text of the law and the original meaning of the Constitution to Attorney General Opinions further prepared him for service on the Supreme Court.


Governor Abbott knows exactly what qualities make for a good Supreme Court Justice. As a former Justice himself, the Governor has seen the Court from the inside and knows what it takes to fairly and consistently apply the law on the Supreme Court. Texans could not ask for a better endorsement of Jimmy’s qualifications than Governor Abbott’s decision to appoint him. Before serving as the Governor’s general counsel and handling high-stakes constitutional litigation under Attorney General Abbott, Jimmy worked in private practice for several years, where he gained valuable experience in the legal challenges facing the private sector. He was also appointed by President George W. Bush to a position at the U.S. Department of Justice. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Texas and a law degree from Yale. He also served as a law clerk to Judge Jerry Smith on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.

“The Texas Supreme Court belongs to the People of Texas, not to the judges or the lawyers. As a Supreme Court Justice, I will do everything I can to serve the people of our great State and to uphold my oath to our Constitution. I will work hard to apply the law fairly and accurately to every case. It is essential that we replace Justice Don Willett with someone who can carry on his legacy as a persuasive and principled judicial conservative. I will be forever grateful to Governor Abbott for entrusting me with this important responsibility. I ask for your vote on March 6 for Supreme Court of Texas, Place 2.” — Jimmy Blacklock